15 Pretty Garden Planters That’ll Look Good in Your Home and Yard

Kelly Allen is the author.


Plants have the power to transform a backyard or a bedroom instantly. As a result, planters are an absolute necessity if you want to ensure the longevity of your prized greenery. The best garden planters on the market are here for you, whether you’ve just purchased a new plant or are looking to re-pot an existing one. We combed through reviews to find the picks that are at the very least worth your consideration, from a budget-friendly option to a self-watering option. Take a look at what we’ve got to offer.

Our Favorite Products:

Rejuvenation Modern Textured Cylinder Planter is the winner in every category.

La Jolie Garden Planters are the most cost-effective option.

The Williams Sonoma Sandhurst Planter is the most luxurious option available.

Planter with the Best Self-Watering Capability: Lechuza

Crate & Barrel Sphere Planter is the best indoor/outdoor option.

Fopamtri’s Plant Pot Set is the best.

Arcadia Urn Planter is the lightest weight option.

One-of-a-Kind Item: Moroccan Hayneedle Planter

Afloral Bergs Terra Cotta Pot is the best Terra Cotta.

Gardener’s Supply Company Galvanized Rim Planters are the best galvanized steel.

Sill Terrazzo Hanging Planter is the best hanging planter on the market today.

West Elm Ceramic Wallscape Planters are the best wall planters.

The Gardener’s Supply Company Planter Box is the best elevated.

The Click & Grow Indoor Herb Garden Kit is the best for herbs.