The Australia defense force extends its satellite agreement with Inmarsat

The Australia defense force extends its satellite agreement with Inmarsat

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) renews a contract with Inmarsat (British satellite provider) till 2027. The contract broadens the agreement scope so that it includes managed services. A decision from the UK as well as Australia is to give a boost to technology sharing and invest in their respective space industries. After which the deal extension totals USD 291 million i.e., 221 million AUD (Australian Dollars).

Brigadier Gregory Novak is commander of the ADF’s Defense Strategic Communications Division. He said, “Inmarsat is the sponsor of ADF satellite communications which fulfills domestic and international needs for over 30 years. The cooperation enhances the capacity to help a wide range of ADF activities. On the other hand, it also improves the standard of living of our people.”

Facts about the contact between ADF and Inmarsat:

  • In 2017 the agreement of the first contract between the 2 parties.
  • The tenure of the deal is 10 years, an extension till 2027.
  • The total worth of the deal is $331 million Australian dollars.

According to Inmarsat, the partnership extends to cover the entire company’s-controlled services portfolio. ADF to use its Operational Monitoring and Control System (OMCS) in order to map and disseminate bandwidth digitally on a real-time basis.

The signing of the ‘Space Bridge’ arrangement between Australia and the United Kingdom dates – 23rd February 2021. The agreement is signed in order to increase the opportunities under e-commerce, investments, and academics. According to Amanda Solloway (Science Minister of the United Kingdom), the first Space Bridge alliance is a step towards the nation’s goal to be globally efficient in space power. The space sector is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United Kingdom and by 2030 the industry expects to provide 30,000 new job opportunities.

On the flip side, Australia plans to employ 20,000 new workers in the space industry within the next 5 years. With the exit from the European Union in early 2020, United Kingdom signs FTAs (free-trade agreements) with Australia in July that year. Both nations discuss the FTAs in various phases with 51 meetings being conducted over 2 weeks including 27 distinct chapter regions. To date, a total of 170 sessions are conducted.

In order to strengthen the practical negotiations, both teams share texts and details before reaching the round. The round includes multimedia, labor, and technical trade barriers. Both nations are successful in generating awareness and establish text in most of the areas. A mutual ambition recognizes the points of difference in order to go ahead with the focused engagements.

Significant advances are also visible in custom services, professional services, and rules of origin. The decision on sections on Good Regulatory Practice and Small and Medium-Sized Companies apply. Implementation of the above shows that both Australia and the UK have a vital contribution to ensure that companies irrespective of their size benefit from the FTAs.

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