LeoStella – a commercial satellite maker searches for openings in the defense market of the United States

LeoStella - a commercial satellite maker searches for openings in the defense market of the United States

The Pentagon’s space agency generally purchases satellites rather than selects a firm to build the entire constellation. The SDA (Space Development Agency) anticipates purchasing the satellites from various manufacturers in batches. LeoStella (a commercial satellite maker) generally does not bid on Pentagon projects however sees prospects with SDA, make a note of the strategy.

Brian Rider (LeoStella’s chief technology officer) states, “The United States government in the past did not see many opportunities to take advantage of the commercial growth cycle. However, now they do.” Options are under consideration to compete for SDA’s next contract which expects to be for around 150 satellites. These satellites form the low-Earth-orbit space communications layer. SDA’s Transport Layer network has designs to support commercial networks however, it holds the capabilities of special national security.

Mr. Rider added, “The hybrid design of the SDA benefits the government to take satellites off a production line and repurpose them. This ensures that it can adapt to the newest technologies without R&D budgets. There is an advantage on the current activity in the industrial market. Despite, it is for rapid tests or quick launches of operational satellites.”

Facts about the LeoStella

  • BlackSky Holdings and Thales Alenia Space team up in order to build the satellite
  • The year of establishment of the commercial satellite maker is 2018
  • The company is located is near Seattle
  • LeoStella is a cutting-edge small satellite production business that redefines how the large-scale Earth observation constellations are given structure and design
  • The idea behind the establishment is to build satellites for the BlackSky’s Earth-imaging satellite constellation
  • The competition that already manufactures such satellites include – Loft Orbital, Cloud Constellation, and NorthStar


Mr. Rider reports that LeoStella is suggested to join hands with firms to compete for SDA’s next deal. “SDA is preparing to launch hundreds of satellites. The commercial Earth observation industry grows at a rapid rate. As a result of which a cut down into the retail room is done which has a lot of potentials.” LeoStella is expected to manufacture 40 satellites/year however, the production unit plans its expansion with a production of 200 satellites every year.

Brain Rider added, “Something like an iPhone updates every year. With our products, it is the similar approach to develop and update it even though there is no specific funding source.”

LeoStella is the strategic outcome of the partnership between Spaceflight Industries and Thales Alenia Space. They strive to create an innovative production method; however, they also reduce the price of the small satellite constellations. LeoStella to create 20 satellites for the BlackSky constellation. LeoStella also assists firms and industries in the ever-changing global markets to eliminate the hurdles of constructing satellite constellations.

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