The US citizens warn up for Electric vehicles


The US government gradually works on ways to transform the country from gas-fuel to electric vehicles under the administration of President Biden’s sustainable growth plans. During the country’s recent campaign, President Biden promotes clean energy in the US. After the president’s entry into the White House, many experts predict policies that are under Biden’s implementation. The policies include promoting his objective for a net-zero emission country. The worry remains about the citizens adopting clean energy products such as electric vehicles. However, the recent reports lead us to agree that the United States quickly warms up to the idea of investment in electric vehicles.

The report states, 50% of Americans believe that electric vehicles are essential to handle the climate change crisis. The 2018 AAA survey suggests that about 20% of the US car owners speculate that their next car investment will be in electric vehicles. 3 years from then, another report by the EVBox Group and Ipsos (market research agency) claim that about 41% of Americans get an electric vehicle as their next car purchase.

On the other hand, the survey includes a few amazing facts about the citizen’s preference and acceptance of electric cars. The report suggests people’s behaviors are changing and the policies formulated by the government support the shift to clean cars. Detailed facts from the survey are as follows:

  • 46% of Americans agree that the government must invest in tax-related incentives for EV purchasers.
  • 52% of the people believe that EVs plays an essential role to tackle climate changes.
  • 45% of the masses believe that environmental contemplations are grave as you buy a car.

Assume you keep a record of the industry trends; the positive growth aspect regarding electric vehicles does not pose a surprise. In addition, many American citizens already own electric cars. The infrastructure for electric vehicles is available by all by the US government. The acceptance increases when the people observe their friends and family investing in such electric cars. Electric vehicle charging stations are now available in workplaces and highways providing convenience to the citizens. As a result, electric vehicles are more practical now than at the start of the business due to advances in this sector.

The survey notes that electric vehicles’ most vital barrier is the supposed shortage of charging stations and them being more expensive than fuel. The challenge is more of an actual issue because many people choose to charge their cars at home or workplaces. This makes electric vehicles more cost-effective than gas-powered vehicles. In order for better electric vehicle adoption, it is essential to educate the masses and create awareness especially on charging stations. The latest report suggests that North American is prepared to take the jump towards the country’s aim. The country targets a significant landmark since it deals with climate issues and environmental protection.

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