Super special event on 26th May with the occurrence of Lunar eclipse, Supermoon and Blood Moon all together


As per NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) of the Unites States timing for the total lunar eclipse is as follows:

  • It will start at 4:47:39 am EDT
  • However, in India, it will start at around 2:17 pm and will end at 7:19 pm

The globe will witness a supercelestial event since the first lunar eclipse of 2021, and it will occur on 26th May. This event also coincides with a supermoon along with a lunar eclipse and a red blood moon all at once. With all the three occurring together, it makes the event even more special.

What is a Super Moon?

NASA’s definition of a Super Moon is – the happening when a full/new Moon coincides with its nearest approach to reach Earth. The nearest point on the orbit is known as “perigee”. When the full Moon appears at the perigee, it seems marginally brighter and bigger than a regular full moon, thus, the name “Supermoon”

Generally, it is tricky to distinguish between a regular Moon and a supermoon. However, if you evaluate it with two images side by side, it indicates a variation in size.

What is a lunar eclipse?

A lunar eclipse is when the earth reaches between the Sun and the Moon, impeding the sunlight from reaching the Moon. There are two types of eclipse, partial and total, varying on how much earth’s shadow has hidden the Moon. This can only occur during the full Moon.

May 26’s eclipse is a total lunar eclipse when the Moon and Sun are on opposing sides of Earth. This creates a straight line and totally covering the Moon.

Best places to watch the Lunar Eclipse

The finest place to watch the eclipse will be the center of the Pacific Ocean, Australia. Along with the east coast of Asia, and the west coast of America. It will be observable in the eastern part of the US. However, only the very initial phases before the Moon sets.

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