Fascinating sight of Space X Dragon resupply spacecraft for the duration of daytime as it moves to space station


As the SpaceX Dragon freight spacecraft directed in the direction of the International Space Station (ISS). It was seen gliding into the orbital for the duration of the daytime on Saturday. As per the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), SpaceX Dragon has come in order to be the 5th spacecraft that lands at the space station.

Revealing the mesmeric videotape on Twitter, the NASA account posts: “The SpaceX freight Dragon glides into orbital daylight as it maintains an approach in order to the Space Station for landing this morning.”

“It was a fantastic approach and was amazing watching it come on in, and we are glad it is here,” says NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough. Shane tells flight controllers following the landing. “Exploring ahead in order to all the science and other perks that it brings up along with our EVA solar ranges. It is going to be a good few weeks as we move into Dragon and make things out.”

As per a blog post by NASA, the Dragon capsule loads with 7,300 pounds of –

  • Science experiments
  • New solar arrays
  • Other cargo

The spacecraft initiated at 1:29 pm Eastern Day Time (EDT) on June 3 from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It routinely landed at the space station’s Harmony module, at around 5 am, June 5.

Below are a few reactions to the post by NASA –

  • “I understand that you guys do this all the time however, for a common man this is just amazing!” – @angwingsandhalo
  • “Do the thrusters make an orbital correction, as seen?” – @1magicdave
  • “Simply Wow! Fantastic footage” – @didikuka
  • “There is wildness in relativity” – @billy_sniderUH

The 22nd commissioned resupply operation for SpaceX also sent new ISS Roll-out Solar Arrays (iROSA) to the space station. Which the astronauts will mount in the course of the spacewalks scheduled for June 16 and 20.

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