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After a 3-month space mission, Shenzhou-12 cosmonauts come back to the planet

After a 3-month space mission, Shenzhou-12 cosmonauts come back to the planet

Three Chinese cosmonauts securely came back to the planet on 17th September after finishing the first crewed mission on-board the Tianhe space station module.

The following commanders touched down inside the set landing zone near Dongfeng in the Gobi Desert, Inner Mongolia, at around 1:34 a.m. Eastern on Friday.

The main, 1,200-square-meter parachute opened about 10 kilometers above the ground, with the temperature shield jettisoned at about 5.5 kilometers up. The arrival took place within the time and area suggests by airspace closure notices published earlier in the week. Ground search and rescue crews quickly situated and held the capsule after landing.

The Beijing Aerospace Flight Control Center declares that the Shenzhou-12 is a “complete victory.”

The three Shenzhou-12 astronauts had on Wednesday complete a 3-month stay aboard the core module. This is for China’s under-construction space station. The Shenzhou-12 spacecraft split from the Tianhe module then took out a circuit of Tianhe and a radiating rendezvous test. China Space News reports that Shenzhou-12 approaches as near as 19 meters from Tianhe.

Shenzhou-12 comprised the authentication of the following at aboard Tianhe –
  • Regenerative life support systems
  • Installation of equipment for future missions
  • Numerous experiments
  • Outreach
  • Earth imagery
  • Two extravehicular activities

The task force also set a brand new national human spaceflight length record of just more than 92 days and four hours, surpassing the 33 days of Shenzhou-11.

The arrival took place in a recent area in the surrounding of the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. Prior landings take place in the grasslands of Siziwang, Inner Mongolia.

Reasons for the change involve –
  • Increasing population density around Siziwang,
  • The requirement to optimize for cosmonaut recovery as the length of China’s spaceflight missions rises.

Tianzhou-3 is preparing to launch around the 20th of September from Wenchang after the rollout of the 4th Long March 7 rocket on 16th September. It will offer supplies and other equipment for the six-month-long visit to Tianhe. The latter task will launch from Jiuquan on a Long March 2F in early October.

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