Britain faces a ‘tough winter’ – Blank shelves, gasoline scarcities and sky-high energy costs?

Britain faces a ‘tough winter’ - Blank shelves, gasoline scarcities and sky-high energy costs
Britain plunges into insecurity as concerns over the below have prompt threats of “a really tough winter” for the nation –
  • Gasoline
  • Electricity
  • Food
A considerable shortage of truck drivers has caused supplies of fuel and goods have fallen short.

In a bid to incentivize individuals to take the job, some managers have apparently offer earnings as high as £70,000 ($95,750) a year. This is along with a joining bonus of £2,000.

Paul Scully, the U.K.’s minister for small-scale enterprises, cautioned that “this is going to be a very tough winter.”

“We know this is set out to be a challenge and that is why we do not underrate the position that we all find ourselves in,” he says. However, Scully on Friday says that there was “no requirement for individuals to go out and panic purchase.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s presenter says earlier this week that there was no lack of fuel in the U.K. People must continue to purchase gas as normal. He also explained the U.K.’s food supply chain as “highly flexible”. However, admitted some enterprises in the industry were facing difficulties. He also adds that the government was conducting meetings with delegates from the sector.

Gas station closures

As supplies of few basic goods have shrunk, reports have come out of empty shelves and long queues of cars outside gas stations.

Serious labor scarcities

Some food stores in Britain have also been impacted by delivery interruptions. However, as per Ian Wright, food and drink producers in the nation have been suffering the “same serious labor deficiencies. This is as those being seen through the food supply chain.” Ian Wright chief executive of the U.K.’s Food and Drink Federation.

Positive growth outlook

A rise in demand after coronavirus lockdowns is seen as a reason behind these problems. This is as well as labor and supply deficiencies highlighted by Britain’s full departure from the European Union at the beginning of this year.

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