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HySpecIQ and BridgeComm join together for hi-speed optical downlinks

HySpecIQ and BridgeComm join together for hi-speed optical downlinks

ST. LOUIS — Hyperspectral analytics firm HySpecIQ and specialist in optical communications BridgeComm declared to come together to combine BridgeComm, optical communication expert high-speed optical downlinks with HySpecIQ satellites intended for the low Earth orbit.

Bill Sullivan, founder and executive chairman said that they are looking forward to expand the satellite constellation programme along with hyperspectral imagery potentials with BridgeComm’s integration. Executive chairman and founder of HySpecIQ, said that by leveraging BridgeComm’s extensive and accurate tasks in free-space optical technology, will offer highly secure data transmissions with optimal bandwidth that will help commercial and governmental decision makers to take correct decisions time to time.

The agreement also declared on 4th October that it is an extension of long standing relation with HySpecIQ that will in future exhibit its speediness and high security, and enterprise-grade broadband satellite constellation services. CEO of BridgeComm, Barry Matsumori said in a statement that this combination of systems and technologies will offer most valuable and remarkable speeds as more and more constellations will be launched.

The agreement is in connection with the latest news that Peter Thiel, the venture capitalist will help to fund Herndon. This is a Virginia’s HySpecIQ planned constellation (12 hyperspectral imagery satellites). The Bloomberg reported that Thiel’s funding or investment of above USD 20 million will cover the manufacturing cost. HySpecIQ is all set to launch its first two satellites in 2023. BridgeComm, Denver is planning to establish universal network of optical communications ground stations and also optical communications constellation in the low Earth Orbit.

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