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Capella in collaboration with U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Technical Center

Capella in collaboration with U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Technical Center

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) – Capella Space is collaborating with the US Army’s Space and Missile Defense Technical Center (SMDTC) to meet Army demand for Earth observation by delivering Synthetic-Aperture Radar (SAR) data quickly.

In a statement, Army SMDTC Director Tom Webber said, “SMDTC is looking forward to this relationship with the team at Capella Space.” “Capella is the first company in the United States to commercialize SAR, and it is well-positioned to provide mission-critical support to tactical users and enhance the Army’s crucial mission.”

Capella in the previous years

Capella has signed contracts with the United States Navy, United States Air Force, United States Space Force, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, and the Pentagon Space Development Agency in the recent year. Capella is also backed by In-Q-Tel, the non-profit investment arm of the US intelligence community.

“Every day, the US Armed Forces are tasked with keeping the peace and saving lives across several domains in a state of continual change,” said Payam Banazadeh, CEO and founder of Capella. “To achieve the finest results, you need timely intelligence.”

Capella executives denied to state whether any funding was connected with the CRADA.

Funding association with CRADA

“CRADAs are critical because they allow business firms to collaborate directly with government clients in a secure setting. This gives them a better knowledge of the problems they’re seeing,” Banazadeh told reporters. He went on to say that CRADAs are “often the first step toward establishing a formal contract with a government body.”

Government agencies throughout the world use SAR, which can see through clouds and record imagery at any time of day or night. SAR data, in addition to imaging, can show item material qualities, as well as provide information on moisture, elevation, and minor changes in object position.

“Multiple U.S. Department of Defense agencies have been talking about and seemed interested in using Capella’s SAR imagery for different uses, according to the Capella. These include including national security, infrastructure disaster relief, humanitarian assistance, and transport monitoring.

The rising Commercial Synthetic-Aperture Radar Market

“While the US government remains the major user of SAR data, we are actively establishing a market for commercial applications that assist businesses and non-profits make better economic decisions,” Banazadeh added.

“SAR is now more accessible to the commercial sector than it has ever been.” Capella Space is assisting non-government organizations in learning how to incorporate SAR data into their larger data plans.”

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