Minerva Space Technologies plans to modernize space domain awareness with NFTs

Minerva Space Technologies plans to modernize space domain awareness with NFTs

Efforts to improve space domain awareness

Minerva Space Technologies is searching for collaborators to join its ambitious campaign to raise awareness about the space realm.

Minerva plans to build an ecosystem after getting a $150 million credit facility. This will include data on space objects that can be gathered, compared, and confirmed using non-fungible, or one-of-a-kind, digital tokens.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are all the rage in the digital art sector, where people use bitcoin to buy and sell music videos and cartoons.

However, in this situation, unique tokens would be linked to observations of circling spacecraft and debris rather than digital art. These two are gathered by sensors on the ground and in space, including those Minerva wants to launch.

Unique tokens are significant because their entire history may be encrypted and kept on a blockchain, making them incredibly difficult to alter.

Minerva co-founder and CEO Nelson Santini remarked, “We want to provide a service that helps validate and authenticate the data.” “If my space activities are based on data that is partial, erroneous, or corrupt, I have a problem.”

Further plans by Minerva

To get a clear image of the space domain, Minerva proposes to combine visual observations with radar and data from public and private sources.

Santini added, “We’re searching for chances to cooperate with companies who wish to carry out the purpose.”

The dataset’s quality and fidelity will improve as more data enters the ecosystem. According to Santini, enough data will allow Minerva to use AI algorithms to analyze current events, track satellite motions, predict occurrences, and make recommendations.

Santini co-founded Minerva with serial entrepreneur Michael Bouchard, who also co-founded Secure Axxess Solutions, advanced technology, and a secure communications firm.

“Investing in Minerva Space Technologies is a natural next step in building out a bigger technology ecosystem for me as the founder and chief scientist of SecureAxxess,” Bouchard stated in an email.

Bouchard mentions 3 goals for the new firms

“With our blockchain and NFT technology, we hope to be first to market in space.” Bouchard stated, “We intend to assist rethink the way” space domain awareness and command and control “come together in space.”

Minerva also intends to launch satellites and sensors into geostationary and cislunar space. Finally, the company wants to leverage AI and augmented reality “to help evolve and improve the user’s experience and take it to the next level,” according to Bouchard.

According to Santini, a section of Minerva is already “working on creating payloads and manifesting rockets and satellites into space.” “By the time we launch those assets into space, we want to make sure we have a distribution network in place.”

Minerva secured a $150 million credit facility, which can be increased to $500 million if the company achieves certain criteria, according to Santini.

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