Houston to hold premiere spacewalk in ‘The Infinite’ Virtual Reality space station tour

Houston to hold premiere spacewalk in 'The Infinite' Virtual Reality space station tour

Houston does the Hosting

The United States premiere of a virtual and augmented reality journey to the orbiting station will take place in Houston. The Infinite, which will open on December 20 just outside of Houston, promises to provide opportunities for hundreds of people at once. It will give folks a taste of what it’s like to live and work in space.

The exhibit is based on “Orbit Explorers: The ISS Experience,” which won an Emmy Award for being the largest audiovisual project ever filmed in space. Felix & Paul Studios and TIME Studios collaborated on the project.

‘The Infinite,’ according to Félix Lajeunesse, co-founder of Felix and Paul Studios, is a 12,500-square-foot [1,160-square-meter] installation. A 6,000-square-foot [650-square-meter] free-roaming virtual reality experience is also included. The International Space Station is recreated in life-size. In The Infinite, up to 150 people at a time can stroll around the virtual ISS and go inside and outside the space station while wearing virtual reality headsets.

It was shot throughout two and a half years with a unique camera gear capable of shooting high-definition 3D, 360-degree virtual reality sequences. “The ISS Experience” is a one-of-a-kind, episodic series that introduces viewers to life on the International Space Station. It also gives spectators the impression that they have joined the crew of the space station.

“The Infinite” builds multi-part immersive making

You will feel as if you’re watching a movie when you watch ‘Space Explorers: The ISS Experience.’ “It’s a narrative experience in which you follow life aboard the space station over two years, from Expeditions 58/59 to 60/61, up to [SpaceX] Crew-1,” Felix explained. Individual sceneries or shots that have been collected in a geo-specific fashion inside the ISS are visible when you enter ‘The Infinite.’

“We filmed for five days outside of the ISS using the virtual reality camera, including one day with two crew members,” Lajeunesse told reporters. “Therefore, we captured the complete spacewalk from the exit moment to the entry moment, and that recording will be shown exclusively as part of ‘The Infinite’ on its arrival in Houston.”

The VR camera went alongside two astronauts during the first spacewalk in which neither an American nor a Russian crewmate was present. In September, they took off from the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). The camera was attached to the robotic arm Canadarm2. A sequence of carefully-planned maneuvers and sweeping views were used to “fly” it from ISS Mission Control in Houston.

“The Infinite” tickets start at $29 at Sawyer Yards in Houston. The exhibition, which includes a work by Japanese artist Ryoji Ikeda, will be up until February 20, 2022. The PHI Studio touring experience is making its second trip in Houston, following its world premiere in Montreal, Canada.

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