Michael Strahan and crew float in space in Blue Origin launch video watched; they call it ‘Heaven’

Michael Strahan and crew float in space in Blue Origin launch video watched; they call it ‘Heaven’

Thorough enjoyment on the Space Trip

McClain‘s same-sex relationship was made public due to a legal issue with her ex-husband, whereas Ride’s was only discovered after her death.

Bess took part in pre-flight activities and expressed her gratitude to her father for accepting them for who they are. Among the activities include posing with the pansexual flag and signing a commemorative postcard with the inscription “Diversity!”

“It’s cheesy,” Bess said of the postcard on Twitter, “but it’s a hopeful optimism for the future.”

In the footage, crew member Churchley, the daughter of NASA astronaut Alan Shepard, cried, “Oh my goodness sakes, this is bliss!” The spacecraft of Blue Origin is named after Alan Shepard, the first American in space.

Despite avidly following her father’s space career, Churchley relished the small pleasures of weightlessness. “You simply let go and soar! Oh my goodness, “she went on.

How do other crew members enjoy it?

Churchley asks someone else how her hair looks later in the video, with her back to the camera and her hair flowing wild. She and other members of the team are then shown plastered to the window: “Look at the black!” exclaims the narrator. Churchley is in tears.

Cameron Bess, a crew worker, also took the time to lift his hand to the camera during the video. The inscription on their hand said “Meowdy.” It’s like a cat saying “Howdy.” Bess streams on Twitch under the name MeepsKitten.

While we don’t hear much from Strahan in the video, he does exclaim triumphantly with this team, “We did it!” After landing, the GMA host had a lot to say.

He was overheard saying to witnesses near where his spacecraft returned to Earth, “I can’t wait to go back.” “I know what I’m going to look like at 85,” he quipped of the forces of gravity pushing on the crew upon landing.

The launch of Blue Origin’s New Shepard on Saturday was the company’s third human spaceflight and its first with a full crew. Four-person crews were on board the two earlier flights this year.

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