50 great albums by LGBTQ artists of color from the 1990s

Musicians of color were also frequently exploited by the music industry before it began to recognize and pay them fairly. Many queer musicians have achieved mainstream success in recent years by being out and proud of their sexual orientation in their music. Recent examples like pop star and rapper Lil Nas X, who came out as gay at the height of the success of his record-breaking song “Old Town Road,” builds on the work of previous queer artists of color while showing the continuing challenges faced by these artists. They have defied the odds to produce music that is still revered and influential today, despite the societal and historical opposition.

There are 50 great albums by queer artists of color on the list compiled by Stacker after extensive research. All of these albums cover a wide range of genres and time periods, from blues to rock to rap. Find out what new music to add to your playlists by reading on.

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