Are you banned for vaping on a Twitch stream

One of the biggest and most well-known livestreaming platforms in the world, Twitch enables millions of content creators to share their work with the platform’s enormous audience. Although Twitch allows a diversity of content, all streamers on the network are nonetheless subject to the terms of service of the website.

According to the severity of the violation and the amount of prior bans the account has received, violating Twitch’s ToS can result in substantial punishments that can last anywhere from a single day to an indefinite suspension.

Many people wonder what actually is and isn’t allowed on the site because Twitch has come under fire for having unclear rules.

Does Twitch allow vaping?

Vaping is permitted because it is not expressly forbidden in Twitch’s terms of service. Similarly to marijuana, streamers will still need to follow any applicable local, state, and federal laws. It is strongly advised that you investigate the rules in your area before vaping on stream because the age restrictions for vapes vary widely across the globe.

The terms of service for Twitch are a living document that are constantly subject to modification. Twitch may impose further restrictions on vaping like they did with alcohol on stream given the growing awareness of the harmful health effects of vaping.

While vaping is allowed during broadcast, partnered or full-time streamers may still want to steer clear of the practice. Streamers engaged in potentially harmful behaviors are often shunned by advertisers and potential sponsors on the site, which could cost streamers sponsorship possibilities in the future if vaping is clearly displayed on broadcast.

Visit either Twitch’s Twitter page or its Community Guidelines page, where changes are typically updated and notified, if you’re interested in staying up to speed with Twitch and its changing laws and regulations for streamers.