Attempt to defeat LDF candidate; The CPI expelled Minister P Thilothaman’s PA

The CPI expelled Minister P Thilothaman’s aide, P Pradyuth, from the party. P Pradyut previously served as the local CPI committee’s secretary. As a result of his abstention from the election process, this decision was made.

Pradyut had been campaigning against LDF candidate P Prasad in Cherthala, according to earlier reports.

According to the CPI, Pradyuthi was also the subject of a complaint.

Pradyut was expelled from Karuva after this incident.

Minister P Thilotham was present at the meeting.

Pradyut is Thilotham’s most steadfast ally.

In his two years as an MLA, he has served as the Private Secretary to the Speaker.

Thilothaman was given an additional Rs 1 lakh salary as a private secretary when he was made a minister.


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