‘Balashankar approached for seat, denied by central leadership’; Prahlad Joshi said that nonsense should not be spread in that name

In New Delhi, Union Minister Prahlad Joshi said that the Union leadership made the decision not to give RSS ideologue and former editor-in-chief R Balashankar a seat in the Assembly elections. The central leadership must give the state leadership permission to expel anyone from the organization. According to the minister, Balashankar had approached him and requested a seat.

Prahlad Joshi denied that the BJP had reached an agreement with anyone in the Konni constituency, where K Surendran is running for office, in response to Balashankar’s claims that the BJP and the CPI (M) had formed an alliance.

As a result of Balashankar’s comments, Prahlad Joshi argued that the BJP should not be accused of denying the demand by spreading nonsense.

The BJP had to consider several options in Kazhakoottam because it was the most likely seat to be won.

There is no indication that Union Minister V Muraleedharan has requested that a seat not be given to Sobha Surendran in the House of Representatives. Union leaders also decided that V Muraleedharan should not run for re-election. On the orders of the top brass, K Surendran is flying around in a helicopter. It’s a contentious issue because it causes annoyance to both sides. Furthermore, he said Surendran’s election in two constituencies will help him become a more prominent figure in the country.

In response to R Balashankar’s removal from the list of candidates for Chengannur, the BJP state leadership criticized the decision.

By saying that he had more work experience and competence than anyone else, Balashankar claimed that he had disrespected the state’s leadership.

On the contrary, Balashankar rejected the BJP leaders’ claim that he was dissatisfied because he didn’t get elected.

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