CAA Promotes six individuals to agent rank

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At CAA Elevate, the training program for agents and executives in training, Chris Burrus, Inder Gill and Sophie Kavanagh were promoted to the Agent ranks on Wednesday. Zakaria Laaboudi and Arlen Papazian were also promoted to the Agent ranks.

The Music Touring, Media Financing, Commercial Endorsements, Sports, Podcast and Global Television departments are among those being reorganized as a result of these changes.

Among the artists Burrus represents are Nate Smith, Tyler Booth, Erin Kinsey and After Midtown; he is also a member of the teams that support Jake Owen, Matt Koziol and Brandon Ratcliff. After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in Music for Vocal Performance with Distinction, Entrepreneurship, and Creative Writing, he joined CAA, where he currently resides in Nashville. After working as an assistant to Sabrina Butera, he was promoted to Music Touring Coordinator in 2021, where he supported Marc Dennis, Meredith Jones, and Emily Van Allsburg in the department. As an intern at ole Publishing, Capitol Christian Music Group, and Yep Roc Music Group, Burrus gained experience in the music industry.

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Inder Gill, a Los Angeles-based agent, has been promoted to Agent and will work with Roeg Sutherland and Benjamin Kramer on the Media Finance team, which specializes in representing films that were self-financed. Gill was one of the primary agents who helped secure the signing of Anupam Tripathi, who played “Ali Abdul” in Netflix’s South Korean survival drama “Squid Game.” in April 2021, Gill was promoted to CAA’s Elevate program as an assistant to Maren Olson and Sutherland after working in the mailroom since 2017. Gill completed his undergraduate work in history and politics at the University of California, Santa Barbara, before coming to the CAA.

With her new role as Commercial Endorsements Agent, Sophie Kavanagh will be working out of the agency’s New York headquarters. Before joining the CAA Elevate program, Kavanagh was an assistant in Commercial Endorsements at CAA after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin the following year. To help the agency’s clients, Kavanagh will focus on creating opportunities for the agency’s clients in the areas of on-camera and print, as well as in personal appearances, voiceover, social media-driven campaigns, both domestically and internationally.

London-based Prior to being promoted to CAA Elevate in October 2021, Laaboudi worked as Roman Di Somma’s assistant at CAA Sports in 2018. The 2022 Premier League Golden Boot winner Son Heung-min, Cristiano Ronaldo, Raphael Varane, and Daniel Ricciardo are among the agency’s international talent clients who will benefit from Laaboudi’s new position as an International Sports Talent Agent. When Laaboudi earned his Master’s in Sports Marketing from AMOS, he joined the NBA’s Global Marketing Partnerships team.

By 2026, CAA’s headquarters will be relocated to a new Century City location.

Located in Los Angeles, California Having been elevated to the position of Agent in the Podcast division, Papazian now represents a number of the most well-known podcast properties, creators, and production companies, with a particular focus on facilitating live tours. At CAA, Papazian started in the mailroom in 2019, then worked as Josh Lindgren’s assistant in the podcast department before being promoted to Coordinator in 2021. He has been there ever since. After working at Key IP Law Group, Papazian joined CAA as an intellectual property attorney. He has a Biological Sciences degree from Cornell University and a J.D. from William & Mary Law School.

Hwang Dong-Hyuk, Lee Myung-Woo, Anupam Tripathi, Ryoo Seung-Waan, and TAPAS MEDIA are just some of the top directors, writers, actors and producers Petit represents in the Global Television department. She will focus on finding new opportunities for Korean and French-speaking artists in her new position. Starting in the mailroom in 2018, Petit was promoted to assistant to Michael Gordon in 2019 before being named Global Television Coordinator in 2021. based in Los Angeles. Prior to joining CAA, Petit worked at RTBF in Belgium, where she earned a degree in Communication and Public Relations in Entertainment from La Haute Ecole de la Province de Liege.

With a focus on entrepreneurialism, inclusion, curiosity, collaboration, and a growth mindset, CAA Elevate is the agency’s next-generation training and development curriculum. CAA Elevate was designed to cultivate best practices, encourage innovation, foster global strategic-thinking, and nurture the talents of CAA’s agents and executives in training by drawing on the agency’s rich history of training programs.