Cardi B Just Used a Frozen Margarita as a Prop to Show Off Her Swirly Blue Manicure

First and foremost, Cardi B is well-known for her music, but she’s also become well-known for her amazing (and constantly changing) manicures and the creative things she can do with her nails. Her latest nail art is a swirly blue abstract manicure, and she’ll be blending up some homemade frozen margaritas to use as props for her latest tutorial: changing diapers with long nails.

By way of Instagram / @iamcardib

As seen in Cardi’s Instagram stories, she holds a “homemade frozen margarita” and spins it from side to side while showing her point of view. We can see her dagger-shaped nails in addition to the ice-cold beverage and the fruit on the rim (we also get a peek at her hand tattoo). To make a dramatic statement, this abstract stiletto manicure has been sharpened to a point that begs to be worn on the beach. At least three different shades of blue can be seen, with a bright neon green highlighting them.

Also remember that she has worn shorter nails before—just look at the square white manicure she has on in this video. The possibilities are truly limitless, and we can always count on her to surprise us with a new look to copy at any moment.

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