Claws Season 4 Release Date: Cancelled or Renewed?

The plot of ‘Claws,’ set in a South Florida nail parlor, is a wickedly comic exploration of feminine wickedness. Desna Simms, played by Niecy Nash, ascends to power in organized crime with the help of her squad of manicurists from the Manatee County Nail Artisans salon in order to receive her due share of money and regard. It’s the story of two industrious ladies attempting to make ends meet in today’s terrible economy, set against the bizarre, colorful backdrop of Florida and organized crime’s gorgeous, meaningless extravagances. Callen, Kensi, Sam Hanna, Deeks, Dr. Alexandria Eames, Riordan, and Abby Sciuto will all appear in the fifth season of ‘NCIS.’ C Giacomo Anthony Giordano and K Mark Harmon are the show’s primary cast members. S Scott Foley J Hillard Ward, A aka. Kelli Williams, S Scott Foley J Hillard Ward, A aka.


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