Coronavirus: about 3.5 lakh new cases in the past day, record 2,767 deaths

More than 3,49,691 new cases of coronavirus infection have been reported in India in the last 24 hours, and 2,767 people have died. This is a record-breaking day for the number of cases and deaths in the United States.

Infected individuals now number 1,69,60,172 throughout the country.

1,92,311 of them have died as a result of this deadly virus.

There are now 26,82,751 active cases, an increase of more than 26 lakhs from the previous peak of 26,60,000.

In the last 24 hours, 2,17,113 people across the country were cured of the coronavirus infection, according to the CDC.

Now there are 1,40,85,110 people who have recovered from the epidemic.

The recovery rate of the country is 83.55%.

More than 17,000 tests have been conducted in the last 24 hours in all 50 states.

More than 27.79 million coronavirus tests have been performed in the United States since the outbreak began in 2009.

In Maharashtra alone, 42,28,836 people have been confirmed infected and 63,928 have died as a result of the disease.

More than 13,77,186 people have been infected and 5,080 have died in Kerala, the second most affected state.

Second only to Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka are the two states hardest hit by the disease, each reporting a total of 13,043,397 cases with 14,283 deaths.

What are the current conditions in the states that have been hardest hit?

On the previous day, 67,160 people in Maharashtra were infected, and 676 people died.

There have been over 65,000 cases reported in the last few days alone.

More than 25,000 people in Kerala and more than 20,000 in Karnataka have been diagnosed with the disease.

In Andhra Pradesh, there were 11,698 new cases and 37 deaths.

What is the current status of the vaccination campaign? ‘

There have been 14,09,16,417 doses of vaccine applied so far in the country’s largest vaccination campaign.

The previous day, 25,36,612 doses were administered.

Vaccines are currently being administered to those over the age of 45.

A total of 14.61 million people have been infected with the coronavirus, which has caused 30,97 lakh deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.

More than 320 million people in the United States have been infected by Ebola, and more than 5.72 million people have died.

After the United States, India is the second most affected country.

Meanwhile, about 3.89 million of the 1.43 million people infected in Brazil have died.

In related news, Greta Thunberg wants to assist India, calling the situation “heartbreaking.”

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