‘Cyber ​​fraud’: Aadhaar and OTP are being demanded from senior people in the name of Corona Vaccine

The general public is now being vaccinated against the common cold. Those over the age of 60 and those with a serious medical condition are being vaccinated. Meanwhile, evidence has emerged of vaccine fraud involving elderly patients. By posing as a representative of India’s Drug Authority, the con artists gain access to the public. Tells people they’ve been chosen for vaccination.”

This includes his Aadhaar number, a one-time password (OTP) generated in his name, and the ability to drain his bank account.

If you’ve been selected for a corona vaccination campaign, a senior cyber officer says the fraudsters will call you and tell you so over the phone. To verify this, they’ll need to provide their Aadhaar number.

Passwords are sent to the user’s Aadhaar number after they’ve entered it (OTP). The moment it’s made public, people’s bank accounts are emptied of their savings and investments.

People were also warned by the government about these scammers. PIB Senior citizens in India are being asked to verify their Aadhaar and OTP numbers by fraudsters claiming to be from the Indian Drug Authority, FaxCheck reported. Never give out your OTP or other personal information to telecallers.

This has also been brought to the attention of the police. In the event you receive a call from an unidentified person who asks for your personal or financial information, please contact the local police or cyber police who will investigate.

The Covin portal allows patients to schedule vaccine appointments.

Those who wish to receive the vaccine must first sign up. You can do this by signing up on the COVIN 2.0 website. To sign up, go to the Kovin website and download the Arogya Setu App. Visit the COWIN.GOV.IN website to sign up for the vaccine. In addition, you can register by visiting a vaccination center in your neighborhood.


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