Despite the issue with bots, the community has won

Dot Esports provided this.

All Team Fortress 2 gamers received the fulfillment of Valve’s May 26 pledge. A significant update designed to address the bot problem that has plagued TF2 in recent years has finally been issued by the makers of the multiplayer first-person shooter.

The TF2 community requested Valve to investigate more and fix the issues that were almost making the game unusable. Players’ experiences were being ruined by countless bots invading TF2’s public servers.

These bots were massively crashing servers, spamming the chat, and one-shotting real opponents. Due of these problems, the community started the #SaveTF2 hashtag movement on Twitter to call for changes.

All TF2 players will immediately receive the update when they restart the game. It patched a number of issues, including one that allowed players to use secure public servers to execute hacks and another that involved the in-game text chat that was infested with bots. A player can now be kicked by both sides simultaneously thanks to the latest patch’s quality of life enhancements. Such modifications could significantly lessen the bot issues.

Here are all of the notes for the June 2022 update to Team Fortress 2.

The in-game text chat clearing exploit was fixed.

Fixed a bug that allowed users to access sv cheats on secure servers.

Fixed a bug where players might teleport back to their own spawn by switching classes or loadouts while touching the No Entry gate of the other team.

a bug with the Huntsman’s loadout that allowed players to counteract the speed penalty while charged has been fixed.

Fixed a bug in the Ap-Sap that allowed players to spam noises.

On some maps, a bug allowed dispensers to heal through glass, but this has been fixed.

Fixed an issue where a spy might pose as someone else and set up an invisibility shield at their feet to block bullets.

Halloween bosses, skeletons, ghosts, and other ghoulish creatures’ jerky animations have been fixed.

Fixed the Spy using the wrong disguise weaponry when posing as a Soldier, Pyro, Heavy, or Engineer when the opposing team has no members of the same class.

Fixed missiles can occasionally collide with teammates too soon or too late.

During a matchmaking game, the ability to change names has been fixed.

Fixed several HUD pictures that had low texture settings cause fuzzy images.

Fix for the Dead Ringer not appearing in the matchmaking quick team status bar after the Spy pretended to die.

Fixed the kill cam and stats screen occasionally displaying percent killername percent and other placeholder names.

Reactivated the ability for servers to communicate the reasons for client disconnects: To leverage the disconnect reason given by the client, ConVar net disconnect reason was added.

The Mann Co. Catalog dropdown list no longer has a Headgear option.