Even Shashi Tharoor is a fan; Going up the pass is not in vain; The propaganda is fueled by the announcement of the capture of Kalpetta

One of the district’s most notable constituencies is Kalpetta. CK Shashindra of the CPI (M) captured Kalpetta, which had previously sided with the socialist parties and the UDF. It was decided that T Siddiqui, a well-known figure in Kerala, would be taken over by the Congress leadership in order to retake Kalpetta from the UDF. To counter the LJD’s MV Shreyams Kumar, the UDF has chosen to field Siddiqui himself, based on the belief that Siddiqui is a party worker.

As a member of the House of Representatives for 17 years, Siddiqui’s conduct is impeccable.

It all started with his time as a student leader in student politics, and he’s since become an undisputed leader in the House of Representatives. Senior leader Shashi Tharoor even admitted that he was a fan of Siddiqui’s hard work and sincerity because of it. There have already been media surveys that predict Siddiqui’s success, including Twenty4News, which is undeniably hugely popular.

Siddique, a Kozhikode district native and the son of Qasim and Nabeesa from Kundamangalam, got his start in politics as a student activist.

After graduating from Guruvayoorappan College in Kozhikode as KSU Unit President, he began his political career. Devagiri College Union Chairman and Unit President of the Government This is the first time that KPCC vice-president Siddiqui has been a member of the legislative body.

T Siddique has a BCom LLB degree and is an excellent public speaker and organizer.

Protests in Santiago Mart, Singur, Tirur, the Nandigram Solidarity Rally, Tirur’s fight against the fake lottery, the Patrakkadavu project fight, and Tirur’s fight for the SmartCity all made Siddiqui famous throughout history.

Ponmudi and Munnar’s efforts to reclaim land stolen by the private lobby through forged documents were also highlighted.


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