Fairfield councilman steps down, council seeks applicants for vacant seat

For The Enquirer, Sue Kiesewetter Tim Abbott, a councilman for the city of Fairfield, announced his resignation on July 1.

– FAIRFIELD Vice-mayor and Councilman Tim Abbott is stepping down from his position representing the Fourth Ward after more than 14 years in office.

The chairman of finance and budget is leaving Duke Energy and relocating to Florida. His departure will take effect on July 1.

Mayor Mitch Rhodus remarked, “I can’t express to you how much I appreciate everything you’ve done for our city.

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Knowing that someone has always kept an eye on the checkbook has been comforting to me.

Abbott has served as the council’s finance and budget committee head each year since he was initially elected as an at-large lawmaker in 2006.

Abbott was elected to two, four-year terms as an at-large councilman before his tenure was limited and he had to take a two-year break. He was re-elected in 2019 to serve as a councilman for the Fourth Ward.

Few elected politicians get the opportunity to serve as the chair of the same committee for their whole term. Our bond rating of (Aa1), the highest bond rating a community the size of Fairfield can have, is what I’m most proud of, Abbott said.

“Even during some significant economic downturns, we worked hard to maintain that.”

There are “too many to count” projects that have been undertaken throughout the years to improve infrastructure and quality of life, according to Abbott.

The Village Green, the clubhouse at the golf course, the dog park, the city’s paramedic service, and the ongoing transition of the fire department to entirely full-time staff are a few examples.

He expressed his satisfaction with the direction the city is taking.

“I am ecstatic beyond words. Scott Timmer is the leader of a fantastic leadership team,” Abbott added.

“Under Scott’s leadership, the current mayor and city council are taking all the necessary steps to advance Fairfield.”

In the same nine-person at-large contest in 2005, fellow councilman Tim Meyers ran and finished second to Abbott. Although Abbott received the most votes, Meyers quips that “if you go by cost per vote, I won.”

“A terrific leader, a visionary in property maintenance, and very well linked to the industrial base in Greater Cincinnati and the State of Ohio,” the author writes of Abbott.

Candidates interested in filling Abbott’s unexpired term, which ends on December 31, 2023, may submit their résumé to the council.

The Fourth Ward of the city must be the applicant’s home for at least a year. By July 1 at 5 p.m., a résumé and cover letter must be delivered to the clerk of council’s office at the municipal building, 5350 Pleasant Ave.

For more information, contact awilson@fairfieldoh.gov or dial 513-867-5383.

Cincinnati Enquirer was the site where this article first appeared. Fairfield councilman resigns, and the council is looking for candidates to fill the vacancy