Family of Jaylon Ferguson Releases Statement on His Death

Sports Illustrated has provided this.

At age 26, the former Ravens linebacker passed away on Tuesday night.

The 26-year-old linebacker for the Ravens passed away, according to a statement from Jaylon Ferguson’s family posted on Thursday.

The statement stated, “It is with great grief that we acknowledge the sudden departure of our dear Jaylon Ferguson. Jaylon was a great athlete in addition to being a wonderful father, son, brother, and fiancé. Many people will miss his generosity, enormous heart, and contagious charisma, but his legacy will live on. Since learning of this tragedy, his numerous friends and followers have been calling, texting, and posting messages of support.

The Baltimore Sun reported that police discovered Ferguson’s body Tuesday night, but they were unable to ascertain the cause of death. The Ravens made the announcement of Ferguson’s passing on Wednesday morning. They did, however, exclude trauma and malicious intent.

The family of Ferguson also stated that they are still unsure of how Ferguson passed away.

They stated, “At this moment, the reason of Jaylon’s death has not to be determined, despite the supposition in prior stories. “We are all still in a state of complete shock, and this is one of the darkest moments in our life. As we traverse this challenging period, we kindly ask that you respect our privacy.

Ferguson had three little children under the age of five and a fiancé.