FIFA 22 Emerson Royal Shapeshifters Objective Leaked

On Friday, June 17, Shapeshifters Team 1 entered FIFA 22, introducing enhanced, position-changed players into packs for a brief period of time. A 95- Youcef Atal CM, a 97- Heung Min Son ST, and a 99- Lionel Messi CF card, one of the greatest in the game, were all on the team.

With upcoming stat revelations and recently leaked cards from Squad 2, the second team may be as as strong as the first. Emerson Royal, a center-midfielder, is among the leaked cards and is a free reward.

During the Shapeshifters promotion, Emerson has a card added to come via OBJECTIVE, according to statistics. Follow @FutSheriff & @Criminal x for updates on #FIFA22: June 21, 2022 — Fut Sheriff (@FutSheriff)

Leaked Emerson Royal Shapeshifters Goal

A Shapeshifters Emerson is rumored to join Shapeshifters Team 2, according to leaker FutSheriff. You can earn the card for free in either a Live FUT Friendly, Division Rivals, or Squad Battles, as it has been leaked to come as an objective.

For Tottenham, Emerson frequently plays at right back, but his Shapeshifters card will mark his first CM card in the game. Although his stats haven’t been made public, he probably has a weak foot or a boost to 5* skill moves. Emerson’s Shapeshifters card won’t be revealed until this Friday, June 24, so we’ll have to wait.