FIFA 22: Shapeshifters SBC

It was made possible by the Shapeshifters promotion, which kicked off on June 21st, for FIFA 22’s Year in Review Player Pick, allowing players to select their favorite SBC from the previous three months.

For those who joined FIFA 22 late, EA Sports introduced Year-in-Review SBCs earlier this year, allowing those who had missed out on previous promotional items to reclaim them. During Shapeshifters Team 1, a new Year in Review Player Pick was unveiled, featuring players who were only available as Special Battle Cards (SBCs) in March, April, or May of this year, excluding Icons.

How to Complete the Shapeshifters SBC in FIFA 22 Year in Review Player Pick

For the new FIFA 22 Year in Review Player Pick during Shapeshifters, follow these steps:

One Chapter

The team’s overall rating is 86.

Team chemistry: 65

More than ten players make up the squad

Upon completion, players will receive a player pick, which consists of a player pick and three randomly selected items. As previously stated, each item will be a previously released SBC card (excluding Icons) from March, April, or May of this year. If you have a Player of the Month card or a Team of the Season SBC or a Showdown card or Flashback you can use them.

TOTS SBC cards like Harry Kane and Phil Foden are available, but so is Player of the Month Sandro Tonali and many other valuable cards.

There are only six days left to use the Year in Review Player Pick, a one-time use SBC.