FIFA Summer Mystery Box

the upcoming FIFA 22 Summer Swaps.

Promotions based on tokens and subsequent rewards, like Icon Swaps in FIFA 20, are known as swap events. There are SBCs where players can submit tokens they’ve earned from completing tasks and objectives to receive additional rewards. Future Stars and Team of the Season are two new Swaps events added by EA Sports this year.

The FIFA 22 Ultimate Team season is coming to an end, but there’s still plenty of exciting content to look forward to in the upcoming summer months.. Summer Swaps, it appears, will be the largest Swaps promotion in FUT history.

“SUMMER SWAPS” is what we call it. For the time being: You have until July 25th to use all of your 50 tokens. In June 2022, Fut Sheriff (@FutSheriff) tweeted:

The FIFA 22 Summer Swaps have been leaked.

Until July 25, Summer Swaps will offer 50 Swaps tokens, according to FutSheriff. In the absence of a start date, fans can expect FutSheriff’s event to begin after Shapeshifters ends. For Summer Swaps, the second squad of Shapeshifters will be released on June 24, so those items will be out of packs on July 1.

Even if Summer Swaps isn’t linked to another major summer event like FUTIES, the promotion will be lengthy due to the 50 total tokens available. Summer Heat may make a comeback in FIFA 22 like Shapeshifters did in the previous generation.

FIFA 22 Summer Swaps will be covered in more detail in the near future.