Ford Focus Production To End In 2025:

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The Saarlouis plant where the tiny model is made is one that The Blue Oval is considering selling.

After five generations and three decades of continuous production, Ford finished assembling the last Mondeo on April 4 at its Valencia facility. It didn’t take long for rumors to raise concerns over the future of the Focus, with Automotive News Europe’s sister publication Automobilwoche claiming that production would be drastically cut after August 29. Why? Well, you can blame your neighbors for buying all those crossovers to the detriment of traditional cars.

As it turns out, it’s much worse than that for the Volkswagen Golf rival as the compact model will be discontinued altogether in 2025. It effectively means the facelifted Mk4 is the last of the breed as there aren’t any plans about a potential revival of the once hugely popular moniker in the EV era. As a side note – the Focus was offered as an electric hatchback during the Mk3 era.

In an interview today with journalists, Ford of Europe’s head honcho Stuart Rowley confirmed the planned demise of the Focus. It looks as though the future of the Saarlouis plant in Germany is uncertain as the Blue Oval admits it has not found a solution to keep the factory up and running following the car’s termination in roughly three years’ time:

“In addition to [selling to] other manufacturers, we are looking for more alternative prospects for vehicle production at Saarlouis. We don’t have in our planning cycle an additional model that goes into Saarlouis.”

However, the Mondeo and Focus are also produced there for the domestic market. In actuality, the midsize model recently switched to a new generation, ensuring its continued availability in the People’s Republic. The smaller car had a nip and tuck, indicating it’s also staying put.

The global Focus has been severely impacted by supply issues in the interim, leading to wait times that exceed 12 months. One of the biggest issues is the SYNC4 infotainment system, which was produced in war-torn Ukraine and results in significant delays. Stuart Rowley admitted there will be “significant” job cuts at the Saarlouis where it employs 4,600 people.

The truth of the industry is that fewer workers will be needed to produce EVs.

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