Ford reveals the newest electric car that gets nearly 2000 Horsepower

For all the wrong reasons, Superman IV was the end of a beloved 1970s movie series. However, the SuperVan 4 is drawing attention for all the right reasons as a stunning addition to a beloved, if completely ridiculous, series of vehicles first introduced in the 1970s.

June 23 marks the first time Ford has shown off its because-we-can collection of tricks at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, where the Performance division and a nearly unrecognizable E-Transit Custom body were melded together.

Ford Motor Company The first SuperVan ever made.

It is Ford’s fourth utility van to be equipped with a race car-caliber powertrain, following in the footsteps of the original SuperVan, which was built in 1971 using a Transit body on a GT40 chassis. Ford Performance, on the other hand, worked with Austrian electric race and rally specialists STARD to create an all-electric version of the supercharged show-and-tell vans.

A 50.0-kWh liquid-cooled battery mounted in the middle of the vehicle, replacing the ICEs of previous SuperVans, powers four electric motors with a combined output of 1973 horsepower and a zero-to-62-mph time of less than two seconds. The SuperVan 4 is equipped with a full roll cage, FIA-compliant racing seats, and brakes fit for a race car.

In the words of Henry Ford

It also uses a Sync display to control the SuperVan 4’s wacky driving modes and transmit real-time data for optimal performance, just like racing teams. Road, track, drag, drift, and rally modes are all present, as is a “Tyre Cleaning mode” that brakes one axle while spinning the other, ostensibly to clean and warm the tires before performance runs; head-turning burnouts are just an added bonus.

The Ford Pro Electric SuperVan: The Fastest Transit Yet! (Road & Track) Replay Video SETTINGS are set to OFF HD HQ SD Ads can be skipped with LO

All these high-tech components are, however, housed in a steel spaceframe and composite body panels designed to look like a Transit-inspired spaceship, rather than a Transit Custom. SuperVan 4’s futuristic styling is courtesy of Ford’s Cologne, Germany-based design team while still being van-like in its shape. Neon-green highlights and a front light bar add exotic flair to the car’s neon-green splitter, rear wing, and dorsal fin, which all work together to increase downforce.

Ford Supervan 4

There is a cargo area behind the driver’s seat and a sliding door for loading it in the SuperVan 4 to ensure that you don’t forget that the “van” component of the SuperVan is equally important. A cargo-securing system based on electromagnetic forces is even being considered by Ford because even the slightest shift in cargo is unacceptable at speeds approaching those of sound.

In order to put the SuperVan 4 to the test at Goodwood, Le Mans-winning driver Romain Dumas is getting into the driver’s seat of the machine. In addition to his numerous endurance-racing victories, Dumas has also set records in a fully electric Volkswagen I.D. R at Goodwood and Pikes Peak.

Perhaps a new record will be set this weekend when the SuperVan 4 reaches the top of the hill. Regardless, the wacky but entertaining box of speed is a must-see.