Former League of Legends world champion pleads guilty to drug trafficking charges

Assist from Dot Esports

A Taiwanese court has reportedly sentenced former League of Legends world champion Toyz to six years in prison for drug trafficking. For his part, he apologized and urged others not to use drugs, according to a report by Taiwan’s Central News Agency. The ex-professional gamer was charged with drug trafficking over the internet and pled guilty in court on June 16th before the Taichung District Prosecutor’s Office.

Lin Tingyang, Toyz’s lawyer, was with him. Toyz said he was under a lot of stress after leaving a rehab facility and regretted his time spent using drugs.

Because of his lack of education and frequent travels between Hong Kong and Taiwan, his lawyer argued that he wasn’t completely aware of Taiwan’s laws.

League World Champion Arrested on Drug Trafficking Allegations

A drug syndicate run by Toyz was busted in 2019 for allegedly buying and selling THC pods over the internet. According to a report from September 2021, Toyz was arrested on this suspicion and his home was searched and marijuana was found — a drug that is classified as class two in Taiwan, according to that report.

It all came down to police officers posing as potential drug buyers before snaring Toyz and seven other alleged drug dealers. As a result of the guilty plea, it is unclear what the sentence will be.

During League of Legends’ second World Championship, Toyz was crowned the Taipei Assasins mid laner, a title he has held ever since.