Frozen Yogurt Made Easy by Jennifer Garner

*Image courtesy of Jason Donnnelly at EatingWell Getty Images

We can’t wait to see what Jennifer Garner has in store for us this time around, as the weather is warming up across the country. Frozen yogurt bark with a twist inspired by recipe blogger Catherine McCord of @weelicious was recently shared on Instagram by the star. Mother-of-three Ashley Judd shared her simple but satisfying take on motherhood on Instagram.

Garner suggests that you begin by spreading a thin layer of yogurt on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper (use a strained yogurt such as Greek-style or skyr for an extra boost of protein). Add some sweetness by drizzling some Once Upon a Farm Fruit & Veggie Blends or Dairy-Free Smoothies (Garner is a co-founder of the brand). You could also drizzle our Mixed Berry Breakfast Smoothie or Apricot-Peach Smoothie, which are both delicious with a hint of summery herbs like mint or basil for extra refreshment, or another favorite smoothie recipe or summery fruit puree. While you’re waiting for the bark to be ready, you can eat the leftovers as a tasty snack.

Garner opted for granola, blueberries, chocolate chips and marshmallows as toppings after building the base. Once the mixture has frozen to a bark-like consistency, remove from the freezer and enjoy!

Recipes for Yogurt Bark: 12 Simple Recipes.

While ice cream is one of our favorite desserts, this low-sugar alternative is a great choice for the whole family because it is still packed with flavor, protein, and vitamins. Keep an eye out for Garner’s other recipes if you enjoy this nutrient-dense snack. Garner’s mother taught her how to make a blueberry buckle with her mother and a brownie baked oatmeal recipe from Danielle Brown of Healthy Girl Kitchen are two of our favorites. Yum!

EatingWell has the original article, which is worth a read.