Government Awards Stars to 11 Restaurants in Dubai

According to Michelin’s Food & Wine Guide,

Exquisite new Museum of the Future in Dubai is covered in oversized Arabic calligraphy that repeats three quotes from Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, and the ruler of Dubai. One of them reads, “We may not live for hundreds of years.” “However, the things we create can have an impact on the world long after we are gone.”

Some of Dubai’s most creative and talented current residents were rewarded on Tuesday by being included in the first ever Michelin Guide Dubai, which was unveiled by Sheik Mohammed on Monday. A total of 69 restaurants were both selected and recommended by Michelin’s esteemed inspectors for this debut in the Middle East.

With 44 restaurants selected by Michelin and 14 Bib Gourmands, the first Dubai Michelin Guide also included 9 one-star establishments and 2 Two-Michelin-Star establishments.

According to Gwendal Poullennec, the Michelin Guides’ International Director, “our inspectors have thoroughly explored Dubai to discover all of its dimensions,” she said at a ceremony on Tuesday. From the most opulent and luxurious restaurants run by world-renowned chefs to a simple bistro run by friendly locals, they left no stone unturned in their exploration of the city. They were taken aback by the city’s diversity.

Five criteria are used by Michelin’s anonymous inspectors to evaluate each restaurant: ingredients, mastery of flavor and cooking techniques, personality of chef, value for money, and consistency. (Even though the same inspector never eats at the same restaurant twice, the ones being considered will be visited by multiple inspectors.)

There are 21 different types of cuisine represented in the 69 restaurants that were chosen for this list. CEO of Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing Issam Kazim said afterward, “I’ve been proudly mentioning to everyone here the diversity of the nationalities that were onstage today. “We often mention Dubai’s 200 nationalities as a source of pride.

In today’s gastronomy scene, it’s unique to see all of those influences from different cultures, different backgrounds, and different nationalities having those authentic experiences, but also creating a fusion that truly represents the fabric of Dubai’s community. Having the 69 restaurants mentioned in today’s article is a hugely proud moment for me, just as proud as having them.”

A total of nine restaurants received a single Michelin star, as per the following:

STAY by Yannick Alléno and Il Ristorante Niko Romito received two Michelin stars each. After the ceremony, executive chef Niko Romito described the event as “totally unexpected.” “We were confident that it would happen, but it came as a complete surprise.” Our goal was to raise the bar and push the boundaries since our first Michelin Star was awarded in 2017, but this was still a total surprise to receive a second one.”

For its dedication to achieving zero food waste and its overall efforts in sustainable gastronomy, Michelin-recommended restaurant Lowe became Dubai’s first and only Michelin Green Star recipient.

According to Dubai’s mayor, Issam Kazim, the publication of the Michelin Guide is a significant step toward making Dubai not only the world’s fourth most visited city, but also a must-visit destination for foodies. With the help of the Michelin guidebook, “taking a page out of the book,” he said that for some, Dubai could be just a stop on the way to somewhere else or even worthy of an entire journey in and of itself.

Sheik Mohammed’s “the future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it, and implement it” quote is a permanent part of the Museum of the Future. You don’t wait for it; you make it happen.”

There is a brighter future ahead for the restaurants, chefs, and their teams that were honored this week, and it’s getting better and better by the day.

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