Greitens urges supporters to order their ‘RINO Hunting Permit’ in gun-heavy video

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After releasing a new video encouraging his supporters to go “RINO hunting,” Republican Senate candidate Eric Greitens (R) in Missouri has come under fire.

Tweeted a 38-second video of him breaking into a house while “RINO hunting” in Missouri, where he boasts of his Navy SEAL training.

Corruption and the stripes of cowardice are the defining characteristics of the RINO.” Bagging and tagging are unlimited, and it won’t end until we save our country, he says in the video.

Greitens is surrounded by men dressed in camouflage military uniforms as he shoots a long shotgun. After hurling a flash grenade into an empty house, he exhorted his followers to join the “MAGA crew” and obtain a “RINO hunting permit.”

“We are sick and tired of the Republicans in Name Only surrendering to Joe Biden & the radical Left,” he wrote in a caption accompanying the video on Monday.

As a conservative and a “outsider,” Greitens was swiftly criticized on social media for making a reference to hunting humans in the video.

By Facebook’s standards, it violated “our policies prohibiting violence and incitement,” according to a Meta spokesperson.

As a result of a violation of Twitter’s rules on abusive behavior, this Tweet has been flagged for removal.” This Tweet will remain accessible, as Twitter has decided that it may be in everyone’s best interest to do so.

“This type of fascist messaging needs to stop,” Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-Ariz.) tweeted in response to the video. “It only stokes the flames of conflict.”

“This is sociopathic,” Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) wrote on Twitter. “Greitens is going to get someone killed,” he continued.

While speaking to The Hill, Greitens’ press office stated that anyone who did not understand the metaphor was “lying or stupid.”

St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay is running for the seat that will be vacant when Republican Sen. Roy Blunt steps down in January 2019, following allegations of campaign finance violations and sexual assault of a woman he was dating (Mo.).

Ex-wife Sheena Greitens claimed that he became violent toward her and their children while married to Greitens, and he’s been accused of that, too.

Eric Greitens bought a gun, hid it from his family and threatened to kill himself if his then-wife didn’t give him “specific public political support” prior to his resignation, according to the disturbing details she shared.

According to former Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley (R), Greitens should withdraw from the race in Missouri after the allegations of abuse surfaced. Hawley tweeted, “If you hit a woman or a child, you belong in handcuffs, not in the United States Senate.”. “Eric Greitens must withdraw from this race now.”

Twenty senators, 10 Republicans and 10 Democrats, have come together to announce agreement on nine principles for possible measures to combat gun violence, including funding for school mental health and safety programs and reviews of juvenile records for gun purchasers younger than 21 years old.

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