‘Haldi’ did not get leave; Police conducted a ceremony at the station

Colleagues at the station in Jaipur performed the Haldi ceremony because they were unable to take time off for the wedding. Because of rising COVID disease, a female police constable in Dungarpur, Rajasthan, was unable to take a leave of absence.

Police officers in uniform carry out Sangeeth and Haldi ceremonies in the North Indian state of Uttar Pradesh on behalf of a friend or colleague.

The video depicts male and female colleagues at the station picking up their fiancee in a chair, circling her, applying turmeric, and performing traditional songs and rituals with their fiancee.

New cases and deaths of COVID have been reported in Rajasthan in the last 24 hours, with 15,398 new cases and 64 deaths. The state’s total disease rate is 4,83,273 and the state’s death toll is 3,453. Since that time, the state has imposed more restrictions on essential services..

Health care providers and top officials, including the police, are under intense pressure as COVID continues to wreak havoc.

Also Considered: There is a severe oxygen shortage for COVID-19 patients in the country and in the hospitals where they are treated.

Think about what can be done for India; Boris Johnson has offered to help

There are phone numbers for plasma donors and blood banks in the city of Pune, where Covid-19 patients can contact them.


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