Helicopter crash; Spinal surgery for MA Yousafali

After a helicopter crash, prominent businessman MA Yousafzai was treated in Abu Dhabi and underwent surgery. In this case, the spine was the target of the surgery. doctor of neurosurgery from Germany, Dr. Schwarby led a team of 25 doctors in performing the surgery. Officials in Lulu say the surgery was a complete success.

doctor dr. yousafali, who is the owner of Burjeel Hospital and the husband of Dr.

Shamsheer vayalil, a surgeon at Burjeel Hospital, oversaw the operation. Kochi was the scene of an accident on April 11th.

Because of an issue with the helicopter, MA Yousafali and his family were forced to land in a swamp in the Ernakulam area.

Above the settlement, there was a mechanical issue.

The accident occurred in an area that included buildings, factories, and a major highway.

Fortunately, the helicopter’s crew intervened just in time, and the crash into the swamp prevented a major catastrophe.

As soon as Yusufali stepped out of the helicopter, an eyewitness claimed that he heard him say that he was in pain.

He was airlifted to Kochi Lakeshore Hospital and is currently receiving treatment there for his injuries.

Physical disabilities necessitated additional evaluations, such as scanning.

He was flown to Abu Dhabi the following day.


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