Historian MGS Narayanan says he will not go to the booth and vote

MGS Narayanan, a historian, has stated that he will not vote in the upcoming election. As a result, MGS stated that postal voting would not be allowed. Due to the fall of an election official, MGS was unable to cast postal votes.

When Suresh MGS, a Malappuram booth level officer, had his name stricken from the postal vote list for voters 80 and older, no one confirmed the news on social media.

The incident was brought to light, according to MGS’s family, when 80-year-old neighbors cast postal ballots. At the polling place, MGS will be given the opportunity to register to vote, according to Kozhikode District Collector Samba Siva Rao Family members asserted that MGS was unable to enter the booth because of his physical limitations. A hoax report claiming that MGS had died has been making the rounds on the internet recently.


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