How to Match Your Tie to Your Outfit

Make sure you’re wearing the right tie with your attire.

Wearing a suit is one of the most professional and sophisticated looks you can achieve as a man, but the accessories you choose to go with it are just as important. It’s important to know how to pick the right tie to go with your outfit because it can make or break it.

To help you find the perfect tie for any occasion, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide here. If you follow these simple style guidelines, you’ll always be able to pick the right tie for any outfit.

Picking out the right color

Let’s get started with the color, shall we? Choosing the color of your tie is a matter of personal preference. To begin, the color of your tie should be lighter than the color of your shirt. A tie is pointless if no one can see it; after all, what’s the point of it if no one notices it?

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Choosing a pattern that fits your needs

Choosing the right color can be difficult enough, but you’ll also have to consider the pattern. Tricks like these can be helpful in general. There is a general rule that larger patterns are more striking. Choose a small print if you’re going for a more refined look. Choosing a wide stripe for your tie is an excellent way to make an impression.

Avoid pattern overuse by adhering to the “rule of two.” A man can wear two patterns between his tie, shirt and suit but not all three at once. You could end up with an outfit that looks cluttered and jumbled.

Choosing the right length

You also need to think about how wide your tie will be. As it turns out, there’s just one simple rule to follow! The skinnier your tie, the tighter your suit fits and tailored it is. Choose a wider tie if you prefer your suits tailored wide. Wearing it without a pocket square exposes you to the risk of losing your tie.

For length, there’s a golden rule that you should follow as well. Never wear a tie that extends past the bottom of your belt loop. It’s a major fashion faux pas that screams unprofessionalism to anyone who sees it.

The Art of Fabric Selection

When it comes to picking out a tie, the event plays a huge role in your decision. Business suits are best worn with silk ties, which are the most formal of the three-piece accessories. Try a less formal tie if your suit is linen and the event is casual. Cotton or knitted ties are acceptable.

How to tie a knot correctly

Men tend to stick with the same old tie knot for the rest of their lives, which means they’re missing out on an opportunity to express their individuality. There is only one rule: some knots are more casual than others. Check the formality of the knot you’re going to use before you put it on.

Learn how to tie some fancy knots with this step-by-step tutorial, which includes pictures to make it easier to follow along with the instructions. To keep it handy, you can even get the chart in poster form.


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