How to unlock Aladdin in Disney Realm

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Being that Aladdin is one of Disney’s most well-known villains, it’s only fitting that he returns as a hero in Disney Mirrorverse. If you want to unlock him like every other guardian in the game, there are several ways to do so. Here’s how to bring in a hero from the classics.

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Aladdin’s Lamp: A Guide to Using Crystals

You can unlock guardians by dropping a Crystal into the portal and picking a random character as your new guardian. This may eventually lead to Aladdin coming to you, but a Famed Crystal increases your odds. In the main menu, select Crystals to see which ones are currently featured. Then, look for one with Aladdin in its pool (such as the one pictured above, which includes a two-star version). There are two ways to get orbs for Famed Crystals: by completing missions or by spending money in the store. It doesn’t matter which method you use; the use of a Famed Crystal will increase your chances, not guarantee, of finding the guardian you seek.

With the help of Stardust, Aladdin can be unlocked.

Instead of relying on chance, you can use Stardust to increase your chances of winning. Open the store and click on the Stardust tab to see what’s currently available. You can buy Aladdin if you have enough Stardust when he appears in the selection. You’ll need a lot of red Melee Stardust to get him, because he’s a melee guardian. What you need to know to get more of it.

With Laurels, Aladdin can be unlocked.

Aladdin can be purchased with Laurels in the same way as Stardust. Join an existing alliance or form a new one to begin earning this type of in-game currency. You’ll want to keep an eye on the Laurel tab in the store because it’s updated every few hours with a new offer for Aladdin.

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Abilities of Aladdin

Your special abilities will become available as soon as the lovable thief joins your team. When enemies aren’t facing him, he has a special core ability called Razor Wind, which increases the damage he inflicts. Additionally, you inflict damage, allowing you to do more damage with your next strike. Shrouded Sword is Aladdin’s special ability, and it deals damage while knocking back enemies. Razor Wind will also stun them if you’ve already wounded them. And last but not least, the name of his special ability is Thief of Wonders. It is guaranteed to remove all of the enemy’s buffs if it hits a wounded one. Getting rid of them increases your own attack power. It’s easy to see how well Aladdin’s skills complement one another.