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After finishing the A Bigger Fish level in Episode I – The Phantom Menace in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, you’ll arrive in the city of Theed on the planet Naboo. The main goal of the game is to free Queen Amidala from the Trade Federation, but if you’re a completist, you’ll also want to locate all 31 Kyber Bricks, both of Theed’s unlocked ships, and all six of Theed’s playable characters. The most of the Kyber Bricks are rather simple to obtain, but there is one in the Theed Royal Palace that is cage-locked and difficult to open.

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How to unlock the Kyber Brick prison at Theed Royal Palace

On the west side of a small structure in the northeastern part of the Theed map, there is a cage where the questioned Kyber Brick is located. Four substantial pillars and four flights of steps round the structure. One of the staircases’ upper landings is where the cage is. The cage cannot be broken open, and there is no obvious switch in the area. Additionally, none of your character’s special powers can be used to open it.

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The captive animals’ switch Although cleverly concealed, the third Royal Palace Kyber Brick is actually fairly close to the cage. When you round the structure to the northeast corner, you’ll notice that the northeast pillar is actually hollow within, and there is something burning red there. On its exterior walls, it also includes two tiny platforms. Using the Force, turn the switch within the pillar after jumping onto the platform on the north side. To finish the Piercing Pillars puzzle, turn around again and get the Kyber Brick on the west side.

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Theed was reached by defeating the A Bigger Fish level, but if you didn’t finish the Challenges or gather every Minikit on that level, you can’t claim to be a True Jedi.