India: 3.17 lakh cases of cybercrime in the last 18 months

3.17 lakh cases of cybercrime have been reported and 5,771 FIRs have been filed in the last 18 months. Cybercrime is most prevalent in Maharashtra and Karnataka.

This information was provided to Parliament by the federal government. G Kishan Reddy, Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, announced on 30 August 2019 that the Union Ministry of Home Affairs launched the National Cybercrime Reporting Portal for online reporting of all kinds of cybercrime incidents. To provide a centralized reporting system for all types of cybercrimes.

“As per the data, 3,17,439 cybercrime incidents and 5,771 FIRs had been registered in the country since its inception to 28 February 2021,” the Union Minister of State for Home Affairs wrote back in response. During this period, Karnataka had 21,562 cybercrimes and 87 FIRs, and Maharashtra had 50,806 cybercrimes and 534 FIRs.

Additional information was provided by the Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, who stated that the incidents reported on this portal, their conversion to FIR, and subsequent actions are handled by state and federal legal agencies. Cybercrime incidents involving women and children should be dealt with as quickly as possible, says the Ministry of Home Affairs, which regularly consults with the states and territories.

A 350% increase in cybercrime occurred during the Corona era.

In 2020, as the Corona epidemic spread, so did cybercrime. Since the beginning of the Corona era, cybercrime has risen by 350 percent, according to the United Nations (UN). This included data pertaining to the corona as well as to the vaccine. Experts say that many countries’ governments have been involved in this as well. To make viruses and vaccines, one country even hacked the information. To put it another way, cybercrime accounted for more than one percent of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2019.


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