‘Investigation against central agencies is the biggest joke of the century’; Surendran says CM will be more insulting

K Surendran, the BJP’s state president, called the judicial investigation into the central agency “bizarre.” Kerala is experiencing unprecedented events. A pre-election ploy by the state government to take on the federal agencies. He also claimed that the Chief Minister would be further insulted by such actions, which he said were against the constitution. Surendran.

The state government, according to Union Minister V Mulidharan, was pulling the biggest joke of the century.

The 18th tactic employed by the government to cling to power until the next election is being used.

He went on to say that he was not scared of snakes of that size.

By appointing a retired judge as a commission to investigate.

Paying the salary is the only benefit.

Asked why Pinarayi had established the commission, he said that the investigating agencies were unable to take any action against Kifbi.

In order to prevent the state’s development plans from being thwarted and to divert the investigation of dollar and gold smuggling cases, the state government has instituted a judicial inquiry.


Judge KV Mohan was appointed commissioner at the cabinet meeting.

The government will only issue the order once the Election Commission has given its approval.

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