‘Ismail CPI (M)’s constant companion’; K Sudhakaran wants probe team into Mansoor murder

K In the Mansoor murder case, Sudhakaran MP wants the investigation team. The criminal wing of the CPI, according to Sudhakaran MP, is being investigated by the crime branch team (M). Asked about the delay in arresting the suspect, Sudhakaran said, “It’s been a long time.”

‘Here was a murder similar to the Shuhaid case.

Why don’t we use UAPA.

There is no justice, and we know this to be the case.

CPI (M) criminal gangs make up the majority of the investigation team, with the exception of two.

Ismail is the organization’s chief executive officer.

The CPI (M) leaders’ constant companion is him.

Acknowledge the question.

The cases of Shuhaid, Shukur, Sharad Lal, and Kripesh were all the same.

He sought redress before the Supreme Court.

Yes, that’s exactly what’s going to take place.

Is anyone in custody for claiming to have ten suspects in mind?

Only Muhsin, Mansoor’s brother, is currently in police custody.

The accused is a master at evading the police.

With bloodshed, however, those charged with demolishment went to court in connection with the arrests here and there.

That’s what Sudhakaran had to say.

Last week, the case was transferred to the Crime Branch.

DySP Ismail is leading a 15-person investigation into the case.

Remanding defendant Shinos in custody for 14 days is the sentence.

Only one of the 11 accused has been arrested, despite the fact that the case names 11 people.

This is a complete list.

The assailants, according to the defendant, were specifically after Mansoor’s brother Muhsin.

Allegations have been made that the attack was not intended to kill.

CPI (M) activists got into a fight with the brother of one of the UDF agents stationed at Koothuparamba’s booth 150, Mansoor.

Muhsin, Mansoor’s brother, told the media that his brother fled after being beaten and was then hacked to death by DYFI members.

After a 20-person DYFI team arrived and confirmed Muhsin’s identity, he said the attack was carried out.

Remanded in custody: Mansoor murder:

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