Kanpur: Cybercriminal blackmailed a student on Facebook for 1.5 lakh rupees

Kanpur’s Chakeri police station is home to a vicious criminal who befriended a Premjal BA student on Facebook and conned him out of half a million rupees.

This week he proposed to her, and she said yes. During the marriage negotiations, his criminal record came to light. He is now threatening to kill and defame the student for refusing to marry him. The girl went to the police station despite her repeated denials. He is currently on the run from the police. His house was on fire.

It is said that a few days before Diwali, this vicious criminal requested to be his friend. The girl accepted the proposal after seeing the sales manager in the corporate sector in the profile. The victim claims that they had several encounters during this time period. The two of them frequented the bar-restaurant frequently. On the other hand, when the accused requested a gift for Diwali, the student gave him a cellphone. In addition, the accused robbed him of money. The accused asked the student to bring his mother’s jewelry a few days ago..

The student claims that at the end of February she learned that the accused was not a Christian. He met him by tying kalava to his hand at the same time. When the suspect insisted on getting married, the student made sure everyone in the family knew.. After investigating the suspect, it was discovered that he is a Gaddiana resident and adheres to another religion. Molestation charges have landed him in jail three times, and a motorcycle theft charge landed him in jail once.

The victim student also stated that the accused became violent after the truth was revealed. He made threats against the girl’s life, saying he would kill her and smear her name throughout the neighborhood. In addition, he demanded a payment of Rs. 5 lakhs to end the pursuit. Chakeri Inspector Dadhibal Tiwari claims that the suspect has spent a lot of time in jail. The student’s complaint has prompted the search for a report.


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