Kaushambi: Cybercriminals blackmailed a girl and looted 8 lakh rupees

You’ve probably heard about a lot of lottery scams in which people try to win large sums of money in the name of winning the jackpot. However, knowing about this cybercrime incident will make your hair stand on end. In fact, a young woman was tricked into believing she had won Rs 25 lakh in the first lottery by cybercriminals. After this, the first 27 thousand rupees in tax were requested. Then, pretending not to transfer the lottery winnings, he defrauded the girl of 8 lakh rupees in a variety of other ways. The young woman stole money from her family and transferred it to her account for cyber thugs. A cybercriminal then blackmailed the victim when he or she started crying and demanding that they return the money.

An 8-hundred-thousand-rupee refund request from a nude video was met with a threat of 5 lakh rupees.

Cybercriminals threatened the girl, saying that if she made a nude video and sent it to them via WhatsApp, they would immediately send her the money. To pay off the debt, the girl also made a nude video and sent it to them. She was distressed by cyber fraud and borrowing. Even cyber thugs continued their habit after this. Returning the money seemed so far away. Threatening to post nude videos on social media, Facebook, and the girl’s family, cyber thugs have now started demanding Rs 5 lakh. The criminal is still demanding money, even though the woman pledged Rs 5 lakh and pledged the jewelry from her house in return. Now, the young lady has taken her grievances to the district superintendent of police in Kaushambi, Uttar Pradesh. The police then filed a case at the Kokhraj police station under the sections dealing with cybercrime.

The girl has been subjected to a year of cyber-extortion.

This case involves the police station Kokhraj area in Uttar Pradesh’s Kaushambi district.

It was the 21st of January 2020, and a girl who lives nearby had her WhatsApp messaged about winning Rs 25 lakh in a lottery.

The woman approached the messenger greedily.

The number 7726044040 sent a lottery winning message to the girl.

Cyber thugs told their victims via WhatsApp that if they wanted the money, they would have to pay a tax of Rs 25 lakh within 48 hours.

The tax demanded was 27 thousand rupees.

Her stated bank account was credited within two days of the transaction.

The fraudsters then claimed that because the Rs 25 lakh was not transferred, a transfer fee of about Rs 50 thousand was required. Another Rs. 8 lakh was stolen by the same thugs, who used various pretexts to avoid remitting a penny. The girl had to borrow money from a number of people, as well as hand over her own savings, to be able to donate so much money. It was kept a secret from the family.

After swindling money, the woman who filmed the nude video was caught in an emotional trap.

According to reports, after the cybercriminals defrauded her of Rs 8 lakh, the woman became terrified and began sobbing in front of them, demanding that they return the money. When the cyber thugs saw this, they set up an emotional trap for the girl, telling her that if she made a nude video and sent it to her WhatsApp, she could get her money back. The criminals also demanded nude photos and videos, and started blackmailing them again, in an emotional bluff. By threatening to make these photos and videos viral on social media, the fraudsters conned 5 lakh rupees from the victims. This case has now been taken to court by the woman who originally reported it. Cops say that money has been transferred to three separate accounts in Bihar. Inquiries have been opened into these matters.

Keep an eye out for lottery-related blackmail.

Nothing can compare to winning millions through the lottery or KBC, so don’t fall for scams like this.

What is the point of holding a lottery if you haven’t participated in any other scheme?

What’s the point of asking for 20 or 25 thousand rupees as a tax if you want to win lakhs of rupees?

Rather than paying 25 lakh rupees in the correct manner, why not deduct 20 or 25 thousand rupees and put it back into your account?

However, this is never the case, and you are constantly pressed for cash while being shown the avarice of millions of rupees.

First, these scammers ask for a lower amount of money.

As a result of your desire to save money, you end up giving more money away.

Do not fall into the trap of blackmailing cyber-criminal girls who demand nude photos or videos.

Avoid being intimidated by blackmailers, and report them to your family and the police as soon as possible.


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