Kayla Jones, Teen Mom 2 alum, welcomes second daughter

“Young and Pregnant” cast member Kayla Jones has given birth to her second child! She confirmed the news on Instagram Stories, where she’s a star of a reality show.

While in the hospital, Jones wrote that it was “time” for the baby to arrive, and then posted a new Story saying, “She’s here!” hours later.

There have been no photos of Jones and the baby, but she later gave fans an update on how they were doing. “Those who wished me well, those who donated to my baby’s care, and those who simply inquired about my well-being are all appreciated. Sincerely, “She put pen to paper. “Give me a couple of hours, lmao, I’m exhausted as hell.”

Throughout February, Jones shared a series of maternity photos, which also served as a gender reveal, in order to announce her pregnancy.

“I love you because you are patient and kind. Because I’m blessed for someone else… and that someone else is mine! “the post was captioned with the hashtags #girlmom and #girlsonly, and she tagged her mother in the caption.

Jones shared a video of the photo shoot along with an emotional essay, in which she wrote: “I was in a state of shock and disbelief the moment I learned you were on your way. Just the thought of keeping you brought up so many emotions, reactions, and judgments in my head. After my first encounter, I knew I didn’t want to go through anything like that again, so I made a mental note to never go through anything like that again.”

“This would be my opportunity to savor and appreciate the experience again.. It’s been four years since what was supposed to be a joyful occasion of welcoming a new life into the world. I didn’t want you to hear what I had to say.. For as long as it felt good to me, instead of pursuing you, I surrounded myself with love and peace “She didn’t stop. My second princess will be welcomed into the world with nothing but love because I already enjoy being a mom, no matter how difficult it may be at times.

Mecca, the 3-year-old daughter of Jones, was “alone in this world” and “knew my baby would be ecstatic to be a big sister, especially since she thinks she’s someone’s mom/boss at the moment, but now she gets to be a big sister with her own lifelong best friend!” she continued.

A beautiful feeling of peace and serenity has enveloped me as I’ve savored the arrival of my little princess.

Jones made an appearance on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant during the third season.