Kerala: Chance of thunder showers in the state

Forecasters from the Central Meteorological Department have issued a thunderstorm warning for the state from today through Monday. The hilly terrain is expected to be inundated with severe thunderstorms. Between 2 p.m. and 10 p.m., severe thunderstorms are expected.


If the weather is cloudy between 2 and 10 p.m., stay indoors, don’t play in the open air or on the terrace, and don’t go outside to pick up clothes during thunderstorms. Disconnect all electrical appliances.

Close all windows and doors, and avoid any contact with metal.

The phone and electrical appliances should be avoided as well.

Avoid taking a shower or bath during a storm. When you’re inside, try to avoid touching the walls or floors as much as possible. Thunderstorms can be dangerous if you’re sitting on a balcony or a branch of a tree.

Don’t park in a shaded area or under a tree if you’re outside, and avoid touching metal in your car.

During a thunderstorm, do not get into the water or fly a kite.

In the wake of the “Extreme Sandstorm,” Mongolia’s power supply has been restored to normal in three provinces


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