Lightfoot blasts aldermen after vote on raising thresholds for speed cameras

miles per hour over the speed limit.

The committee voted 16-15 to bring the proposed changes to the full City Council for a vote on Wednesday, moving the rule that allowed for a $35 fine for vehicles who exceeded the speed limit by 6 to 9 mph one step closer to being altered.

According to officials, the new law would result in a $100 fine for exceeding the speed limit by at least ten miles per hour.

Parliamentarians who voted to remove the ordinance came under fire from Lightfoot, who spoke out strongly against it on Tuesday.

“It seems like there is another traffic tragedy due to speeding and reckless driving every day,” Lightfoot said in a statement. “The City Council Committee on Finance voted to authorize higher speeds around schools and parks.” “It is utterly inexcusable that some Aldermen are acting with such little regard for public safety after losing 173 Chicagoans to speed-related road fatalities in 2021.”

According to Lightfoot, the penalties collected by the cameras go toward funding infrastructure, after-school activities, and other budgetary items.

Data from Block Club Chicago shows that after the adjustment, Chicago speed cameras issued 2.3 million fines in the first 10 months of 2021, almost as much as they had in the previous three years combined.

The adjustment would affect all speed cameras in the city, contrary to a previous version of this story that claimed it only applied to school zone cameras.