Liquid only had 6 deaths through the full 3-day tournament

Dot Esports is the source of this information.

Team Liquid established their claim on the North American throne during the first weekend of the 2022 LCS Summer Split by defeating the first three teams they encountered while limiting their deaths to a minimum.

According to Oracle’s Elixir, a competitive League of Legends statistical aggregate, Liquid only died six times as a team in three games, with none of its individuals dying more than twice. The squad had the second-most kills in the league and a league-leading average gold difference of 2,445 at 15 minutes, in addition to the six fatalities.

However, their schedule might not have been as difficult as that of other clubs. They have matchups against Immortals and Team Dignitas, two teams who were believed to be on the fringes of the playoff scenario. Cloud9, on the other hand, should have been a formidable opponent, but they didn’t have their full squad, with Zven and Berserker missing due to “lost passports and COVID cases,” respectively.

‘Zven and Berserker are probably going to be here by week three, if I had to guess,’ says C9 Fudge.

Legendary LCS mid laner Bjergsen, who didn’t die a single time during the weekend, was the standout performer on Liquid’s star-studded lineup. With 13 kills and 18 assists, the 26-year-old legend demonstrated his dominance alongside his teammates on a variety of selections including as Twisted Fate, Azir, and LeBlanc.

Overall, Liquid demonstrated a level of coordination and confidence that should be frightening to the rest of the NA pack. In fact, aside from the six pitiful fatalities as a team, they only gave up four towers and four dragons in total, on top of a perfect game against Immortals on day one.

This powerhouse team was built to dominate the league and compete on a global level, and if they keep playing like they have, the LCS may easily be represented at the 2022 World Championship. But first, they’ll have to keep their winning streak going this weekend when they take on TSM and FlyQuest.